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The True Journey is the One Within




Your Soul Journey

Professional Soul Guidance



Astrology for

the Soul

Have you ever wondered about your soul's true origin? Or what your connection to the stars is? Perhaps you'd like to know more about your deeper purpose here on Earth? An Astrology for the Soul reading answers these questions AND opens the doorway for you to remember your soul's unique journey through the galaxy. Learn how the stars are affecting you, what your soul mission is here on Earth, your current life themes, your innate gifts, and so much more!

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Souljourns Coaching & Guidance

Want to connect to your soul's true blueprint and activate your innate potential? Perhaps you want to address a specific issue or aspect of your life's journey. In this session, we will engage in a co-creative process of inquiry and self-exploration to help you connect to your true self and move onto a path of joy and harmony! In session, I may use regression, astrological insights and intuitive guidance to support your unique soul's journey. 

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Feminine Soul Guidance

Want to transform your feminine wounds into feminine empowerment? Ready to release shame from life-altering events or decisions? In this session, you'll be supported to explore and release areas of emotional constriction and limitation. As you gain awareness and begin to transform your thoughts, behaviors, and patterns, you'll learn to recognize what your true Divine Feminine feels like as she begins to gently mold and reshape the landscape of your life!


Dream Decoding & Guidance

Are you having repetitive dreams, astral experiences, or dream messages you don't understand? Want to know what these messages mean in your life? In this session, I'll help you decode the language and symbols contained within your dreams so you can better understand what your soul is whispering to you. With dream decoding you'll learn to recognize and transform areas of contraction and limiting patterns into expansion and freedom.

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I feel like you have given me an

Atlas of my Soul

Massage Therapist
& Holistic Practitioner

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Meet Deborah

Passionate About Empowering Others

Deborah is a compassionate and intuitive teacher, certified Quantum Soul Guidance practitioner and hypnotherapist who gently guides others through their own healing and awakening process. For over twenty years she has used powerful transformational tools and shamanic practices to help empower others to master their own healing journey, to unlock their soul's true potential, and to reshape the landscape and beauty of their lives.

Soul Share


Heart-centered and intelligent, Deborah's work is unique and transformative!

~ Elizabeth ~

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