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Deborah Angeline

Intuitive Soul Coach,

Certified Hypnotherapist,

Quantum Soul Guidance Practitioner,

Passionate Supporter of Women,

and of course ... proud MOM


I am so happy you're here...

Deborah Angeline

I feel like I understand my soul's purpose here ... Thank you Deborah!

My own SOULJOURN began many years ago while working as an Executive for a nutritional company. It was a classic case of having everything I could want externally but feeling empty internally. My inner and outer realities weren't aligned! I had a deep need to understand who I truly was on a soul level ... so I dove in head first.


That's when the dreams started. I began asking for higher divine guidance and they answered in a big way! For over 25 years I have been dreaming regularly and as a result, I've been able to help others successfully transform their own dreams for healing and expansion purposes. This is often an overlooked state of consciousness that people usually dismiss. Educating others about the multidimensional nature of dreams and how to work with these transformational energies is a deep passion of mine!


As time went on, I found that the more emotional debris I cleared out, the clearer I became. My intuition deepened greatly, my higher self and my guides continued teaching me through my dreams and my inner gifts began to naturally emerge. I could hear what others weren't saying and see what people couldn't see within themselves.

​As an INTUITIVE SOUL COACH, I love engaging in practices that help us all as a humanity grow our inner light and elevate our consciousness. My greatest joy in life is in supporting others to heal from the inside out ... to initiate their own inner transformation and to explore the deeper story of their unique SOUL’s JOURNEY.

This is the essence of Souljourns!

I look forward to providing a sacred and supportive environment for you to explore and honor your SOUL's calling, to remember what has been forgotten and to live the deeper, magical meaning and purpose of your life!



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