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Dream Decoding

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There really are no words to express how gifted Deborah is. She is an extremely talented Dream Coach but further an amazing Intuitive and Guide. On numerous occasions she has assisted me in experiencing waves of insight and clarity into my own current life situations. Deborah is one-of-a kind and working with her is the most gentle, loving and expansive of experiences. She certainly carries heartfelt intentions to both serve humanity and help others heal. Knowing her is an absolute blessing.

~ Claudia, QHHT Practitioner ~



Dream's Symbolism & Meaning

Recurring Dream Themes

Specific Dream Types:



Body Communication Dreams

Lucid & Prophetic Dreams

Astral Projections & Dream Travel

Past/Parallel Life Dreams

Soul Loss and Soul Recovery

Contact & Visitation Dreams




DREAM DECODING is a transformative process whereby your dreams and the symbolism contained within them are examined and interpreted to help you better understand what your soul is communicating to you. By learning to work with the energy and symbols within your dream state, you can gain a deeper understanding of who you are on all levels - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually - and thus begin initiating your own personal transformation. 

​In a DREAM DECODING session you'll learn strategies and techniques to help you decipher the hidden messages within your dreams, how to remember your dreams, as well as valuable tools and resources to help increase and influence your dream state, stimulating greater nightly activity.


Dreams are like mirrors ... they reflect back to us our current attitudes, perceptions and choices and they help us take an objective look at ourselves so we can make wiser decisions. What I love about dreaming is its universality. It is something that every one of us on the planet does each night, even if we don't remember. Dreaming unites us and in this commonality, we are all one!


My own healing journey began with a profound dream over twenty five years ago and I've been dreaming regularly ever since. Much of my healing and learning has come through the dream state. This is also where my guides first showed up to begin working with me and where my star family first made contact. Engaging with your dreams can be an deeply transformative part of your personal healing, awakening and ascension process.

Within every dream is the soul's desire to evolve and transform ... to move beyond limitation toward self-understanding and freedom. My goal is to help you DECODE the messages within your DREAMS so you can facilitate your own healing and transformation!

What is your soul whispering to you?


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