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Feminine Soul Guidance
"And Creator knew the greatest gift
she could give herself
was to shine a light
on her hiddenmost parts ...

sparkling jewels tucked deep within her soul. 
And lo, with her first glimpse
upon their brilliance,
her eyes blazed like a thousand suns
throughout all of creation. 
And her female did bloom 
and shine for all to see."

~ Deborah Angeline ~
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The Feminine Soul Journey Is About:

Listening to Your Goddess Voice ~ Trusting Your Intuition

Loving All of You ~ Body, Mind & Soul

Discovering Your Inner Divine Jewels

Honoring Your Sexuality

Releasing Shame, Guilt & Loss from Abortion or Miscarriage

Connecting & Healing with your Unborn Soul

Cultivating Forgiveness of Yourself & Others

Healing Your Maternal Ancestral Lineage

Freeing Yourself from Unhealthy Relationship Patterns

Transforming Feminine Wounding into Empowerment


The DIVINE FEMININE is a pure, sacred energy within us all. It is the highest level of feminine expression in the universe and it resides within both women and men. In fact, the universe is created by both masculine and feminine energies which flow through everything that exists. The polarity of these two are embodied by the symbol - where Yin represents feminine, intuition, receiving and the Moon while Yang represents masculine, strength, giving and the Sun. Each one of us carries the archetypes of the DIVINE FEMININE and SACRED MASCULINE within our consciousness ... and from them come our thoughts, emotions, behaviors, desires and ambitions. The greatest potential that we as humans can embody is the balance between the two.

As we enter this new age, women are remembering their connection to the DIVINE FEMININE and what it means to live by these principles and the laws of nature, which are attuned to the rhythms of Mother Earth. When we are able to truly love and respect ourselves, we open a sacred space for the DIVINE FEMININE to emerge from WITHIN. Learning how to awaken these precious jewels is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves as women.


In a FEMININE SOUL GUIDANCE session you'll be supported in:


​Forgiving yourself for life-altering decisions

(infidelity, abortion ...)

Forgiving others for the pain they inflicted

(rape, trauma, divorce ...)

Healing from devastating loss

(miscarriage, death of a loved one, career/job ...)

Releasing misperceptions passed on from your ancestral lineage

(they are no longer yours to carry!)


As you awaken and free yourself, you'll recognize what your DIVINE FEMININE within feels like as SHE begins to gently mold and reshape the landscape of your life.




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