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Soul Shares


"This Galactic Soul Journey Reading changed my life!

The knowledge is comprehensive and I'm looking forward to using it as a reference guide for a long time, maybe always. I am much more empowered and at peace with a number of things that were previously a mystery to me. My journey has shifted dramatically.


Deborah is very knowledgeable and committed to facilitating the healing that will take place through this journey. This isn't just an astrology chart ... it's a psychic reading! Soul origin, guides, Akashic records, etc. I highly recommend taking your own Galactic Soul Journey with Deborah. I trust her.

I believe she communicates with Source. Do it!"


"I have been absolutely blown away by this Galactic reading with Deborah - it was so informative and eye opening to say the least. I must say I was shocked but not surprised that I had experienced a Draco reptilian incarnation. This would explain where I get my no BS radar and sometimes harshness but also my strength. I see that we have to experience all types of life to truly understand it and therefore grow in compassion and love for each other. We may always prefer the fluffy easier lives but it’s not where we grow and evolve necessarily. But it makes sense that we need these recovery lives which I believe I am in now. If you are thinking about having a Galactic reading you will NOT be disappointed!


Thank you Deborah!

You are a true gift at this time.

Blessings to you my darling."


"Not only is Deborah truly gifted at what she does, but her compassion and integrity can be felt when in session with her. Her Galactic Soul Journey Reading took me to a new depth of understanding regarding my purpose and opened me up to another level of support that I didn’t know was there for me. Heart-centered and intelligent, Deborah’s work is unique and transformative!"


Thank you Deborah for sharing your lovely light in joyful service to others. Our time together felt like an uplifting visit with a dear friend ... filled with compassion, laughter, and intriguing conversation. Your kind and gentle way of delivering the story of key soul experiences of lifetimes in multidimensions, strengthened my knowing that I am living as wondrous cosmic energy. I love those moments in life when we welcome encounters that exponentially expand our being. Our alliance activates brilliant creations.


"I came to Deborah after a lifetime of Tarot and Astrology readings because “Galactic” hit me as if I’d take a further leap into my ancient past. She gave me the most thorough synopsis of all, so well researched with her years of study.  I appreciated that she connected the dots with my life currently, and was so empathetic. She waited for my feedback for assurance that we were both on track together.


I came away feeling that I belong to a greater whole and that my existence does, indeed matter. My ego seemed so insignificant in the huge scheme of things in this multi-universe. My awareness has expanded in a way I’ve never felt before. The learning will be on going because Deborah offered such a treasure that I will relish."


“My Galactic Soul Journey reading with Deborah was profoundly confirmational! Her astute insights helped pull together so much for me that I cannot say enough about Deborah. She talked not only about my galactic origins but her Galactic Soul Journey session was also a soul reading that included my galactic incarnations, previous soul missions, as well as my past Earthly incarnations. Deborah gave a thorough explanation of my Astro natal chart, my life lessons this time around, and how the galaxies and constellations are affecting me in this incarnation. We also discussed my natural talents and abilities that I brought in from my prior galactic experiences and the specific star systems where I learned much of my current healing abilities ... plus so much more information that my head and heart expanded in new and exciting ways.

This was a transformational, life-changing reading about my soul’s journey through the galaxy Deborah gave me a phenomenal and deeply profound reading - it was so accurate and insightful, I almost cried!  


I highly recommend a GALACTIC SOUL JOURNEY reading with Deborah!!!”


"A Galactic Soul Journey reading or a master key to life?" "I find myself enjoying and questioning my life's journeys and directions in a more refined fashion upon receiving a reading with Deborah!  Before, during and after this galactic reading, I felt supported and well represented … Deborah acted as a well-seasoned travel agent around my galactic roots. I understand my position in relation to the constellations and stars that I once called home. Talk about fulfilling my need to be “home”.  I am off to continue reading and understanding my upcoming Saturn return through the guidance of Deborah. Thank you so much!


I highly recommend her services to anyone curious about the stars, self discovery and beyond!"



“Deborah, I want to thank you so much for my galactic soul journey reading. I truly feel like I understand my soul’s purpose here. A lifetime of feeling like I didn’t quite fit in now makes complete sense. Your reading helped affirm that I need to trust my intuition and continue on my path of sound and energy healing. It was so enlightening and comforting to learn of my beginnings with the archangels, my connection to Christ consciousness, Mary and even the ancient Egyptians. You absolutely confirmed what I had been told by other healers regarding my angelic origins. Also, I loved your practical suggestion to call upon and connect with my soul origin color and angelic guides when needing assistance. It feels so empowering to know I am always being guided by the light. 


Learning of my galactic origin and journey and how it has culminated in my current purpose of assisting humanity is so reassuring!  Your reading truly resonated to the deepest part of my soul. I so appreciated our discussion about both the gifts and challenges that I’ve encountered in this manifestation. I feel like you have given me an atlas of my soul! Thank you for being so open, so present and organized during our session. You are incredibly knowledgeable and you clearly conveyed the information in a way I could easily digest, especially with all the visuals and documents you shared. I feel ready to walk forth in courage, love and light!”  🌎🌍✨💖🙏🌞💕🌟🌝🪐

"Deborah did an amazing job with my galactic soul journey session. The knowledge and information she provided from beginning to end was wonderful and extremely helpful. It’s truly fascinating to see this kind of in-depth chart and reading and the way she put everything together was great. I can definitely see similarities between my reading and situations in my current life. My longing for the stars and the cosmos, the urge to go home, my constant search for what lies within the unknown … Deborah’s research and information was a piece of the puzzle that I have been missing for all these years. The deeper I go, the more it all comes together. 

🙏🛸  Thank you Deborah!"


"I just had a Galactic Soul Heritage reading with Deborah and all I can say is WOW! Through her gift she was able to assist me in a deeper innerstanding of my soul's journey through this Galaxy. I had insight before meeting with Deborah but the validation I received was invaluable and will help me continue in the current path of the journey that I am on with a renewed sense of confidence and strength. If the answers that you are searching for seem to be just out of touch and elusive, Deborah is the one who can help you discover them. I have been propelled forward in a way that was so needed. Thank you Deborah and I will be seeing you again!

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