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Souljourns Guidance
& Coaching

A SOULJOURN is perhaps the most important journey we can undertake in life.

It's the great uncovering of who we've been, who we are, and who we aspire to be.

I was having a very difficult time making a very important decision in my life and reached out to Deborah for some guidance.  During the coaching session she used my astrology and other tools to provide me with the personal and unique information I needed to help me make the best decision for my life.  I highly recommend booking a coaching session with Deborah!


~ B.N. ~



  • Understanding Soul Lessons & Life Themes

  • Exploring Your Multidimensional Self & Past/Parallel Lives

  • Strengthening Self-Esteem & Self-Image

  • Integrating Near Death & Contact Experiences

  • Understanding Your Ancestral Lineage

  • Releasing Trauma & Transgenerational Trauma

  • Identifying & Overcoming Limiting Beliefs, Behaviors & Patterns

  • Understanding the Origin of Health Issues and dis-ease

  • Overcoming Unhealthy Relationship Patterns

  • Healing from Divorce, Loss & Grief

  • Releasing Anger, Fear & Shame

  • Exploring Career Transformations

  • And so much more!
​​A SOULJOURN is a transformational journey within to remember your true divine essence. This deeper exploration of your multidimensional self is one of the most important and fulfilling journeys of your life. Understanding your soul's history and blueprint, your ancestral lineage and your outer world manifestations help to dismantle old constructs and release personal limitations. The more you clear the emotional, mental and physical debris, the more you can hear your SOUL's wisdom as intuition! Thus begins the realignment of your inner and outer realities and a more harmonious flow to life awakens.
This is true transformation! 
During a SOULJOURNS session, I may use regression, shamanic practices, astrological insights, and intuitive guidance to support you in exploring your soul's journey.  As a SOUL coach, my greatest JOY is in helping YOU find YOURS.
I look forward to collaborating with you!

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